Between Fiè and Presule, located at the foot of the Sciliar massif, there is the small village of Umes.

The Rio Sciliar cascades towards the Valle Isarco in the area of the Seggiola alpine pasture. At its riverbank, at about 930 m asl, there is the little village of Umes, located exactly where the river separates the areas of Fié and Presule. The centre of Umes is occupied by the St Martin Church. Constructed in the 17th century, this chapel belongs to the the Assumption parish church of Fiè. However, the inscription above the church portal shows the year 1504, because the portal belongs to the old church destroyed during the landslide.

The number of inhabitants ran up to a total of 200 in the last decades. Umes is also an ideal starting point for hikes in the Sciliar area. We recommend you either the Pond of Fiè that can be reached along the Umes circular path or a hike to the Hofer Alpl mountain hut. Those, whoever, who prefer mountaineering in higher altitudes, can hike to the well-known Bolzano mountain hut (2,457 m asl) and the alpine pastures of the Sciliar mountain, belonging to the village of Umes in Fiè allo Sciliar.

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  1. Hotel Gasthof Kircher

    Hotel Gasthof Kircher

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